I'm Chris. I do mbed hardware and support....

Chris’s public repositories

3 29
Experimental WS2812 driver and pixel buffer
3 220
Example program to sweep the RGB LED through various colours using PWM
5 349
Example program to do a frequency sweep on the speaker
5 268
Test program for mbed app shield pots
4 333
Test program for mbed app shield joystick
6 769
LCD Demo program for mbed application shield
9 261
Example program for app shield using the LM75 temperature sensor
6 352
Test program for the accelerometer on the app shield
2 572
An example program driving the AnalogOut. Connect a pair of earphones!
Added FATFileSystem
1 108
Example program to print 100 samples of pot1 on the mbed Application Board to the USB serial port
4 863
TMP102 published as a library that can be imported independent
7 452
An example program that uses a Wifly module to send messages over web sockets
3 517
Modifed version from Samuel Mokrani Changed URL to push data to sensor page Added visualisation page URL as a comment
9 26
Example code for charging a battery
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