I'm Chris. I do mbed hardware and support....

Chris’s public repositories

Experimental WS2812 driver and pixel buffer led, strip, WS2812
Example program to sweep the RGB LED through various colours using PWM
Example program to do a frequency sweep on the speaker
Test program for mbed app shield pots
Test program for mbed app shield joystick
LCD Demo program for mbed application shield
Example program for app shield using the LM75 temperature sensor
Test program for the accelerometer on the app shield
An example program driving the AnalogOut. Connect a pair of earphones! Analog, application, Board, Out
Added FATFileSystem
Example program to print 100 samples of pot1 on the mbed Application Board to the USB serial port apps, Board, Serial, USB
TMP102 published as a library that can be imported independent
An example program that uses a Wifly module to send messages over web sockets application, Board, WebSocket, WiFly
Modifed version from Samuel Mokrani Changed URL to push data to sensor page Added visualisation page URL as a comment application, Board, ethernet, WebSocket
Example code for charging a battery Battery, charger, m3pi
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