mbed used to be my leisure time activity. Since May 2014, I am part of mbed SDK team.

My personal blog http://0xc0170.github.io/

My github https://github.com/0xc0170

Martin’s activity

item Answer posted for Question: Update mbed-dev with latest STM32F4 firmware packages: Hello, which mbed-dev are you looking at ? Because this one https://developer.mbed.org/users/mbed_official/code/mbed-dev/rev/74e0ce7f98e8 was updated 3 days ago, should mirror the ...
item Answer posted for Question: mbed os build options: You can't. The profiles are applied to entire application. I would like to know more about your use case.
item New blog entry: mbed OS 5.3.5 Release Available
item New fork of program: mbed-dev: mbed-dev fork
item Answer posted for Question: Coding-with-MS-Visual-Studio broken links: Hi, there's a pull request open currently to add visual studio code. [[https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os/pull/3568]]. This is currently under development, you can ...
item Answer posted for Question: STM32L4 how to avoid that the mbed start resets the RTC to zero.: Yes, please file the issue on github. I believe this is a bug, should not happen as you noted.
item Answer posted for Question: Does anyone know of setting station mode with mbed os 5?: Hi, I am bit confused, your headline says station mode but the question is about access point. Access point C++ ...

Martin’s public repositories

cc3000 hostdriver with the mbed socket interface
mbed-dev fork
A library for Freescale MCU which contain TSI peripheral, just for Kinetis L version. Because they use "lighter" version of TSI peripheral.
Forked MMA7660 , extend implementation by using i2c asynch API, to sleep while waiting for transfer -> blocking asynch :-D
Xively demo for cc3000
cc3000 http client
cc3000 twitter demo, uses supertweet services. Set your account there and then fill a user and a secret inside the demo.
cc3000 websocket demo for cc3000
cc3000 udp client demo
cc3000 UDP server demo
cc3000 tcp server demo (please check mbed socket interface for python script to test this demo) mbed.org/handbook/Socket
tcp client for cc3000, using mbed socket interface
Connect to SSID, get ip by dhcp, ping google.com, display statistics
ntp demo for cc3000
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