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item Answer posted for Question: Displaying bitmap image onto (Nokia 5110) LCD screen: I am afraid that the question is about monochrome Nokia-5110 LCD, not about color Nokia LCD.
item Question asked: DISCO-F746NG compiler issue
item Answer posted for Question: Downloading or running compiled code fails afterone time: Yes, i just had the same problem. But i do not have the original demo software, so my board is ...
item Answer posted for Question: How to use Python or C on mbed (LPC 1768) instead of c++: You may take a look at : It's a Python 3.4 running on a STM32F4xx (not a LPC1768 (it ...
item Question asked: device.h is missing
item Answer posted for Question: Where can I buy?: Hi, I have the same question, where can we buy that ? Regards. Patrick
item Pull Request on EthernetInterfaceW5500 updated: Correction of a bug in socket::close()

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Ethernet interface for W5500 with bug fixed in socket::close()