I'm an Electronics Design Engineer by day but enjoy playing with mbed in my spare time!

I've been using mbed at University and as a hobby since the beta testing days back in 2009 and have employed it in both my Bachelor's and Master's degree theses.

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item Answer posted for Question: ADC-LPC1768: You can only read up to 3.3V anything over this will read in as 1. You can use a resistor ...
item Answer posted for Question: Burn code developed in mbed platform into the chip?: you mean like this? http://developer.mbed.org/users/ms523/notebook/turning-an-mbed-circuit-into-a-custom-pcb/
item Question asked: MATLAB
item Answer posted for Question: Image processing in mbed using LPC1768: Hi, Yes you can do some basic image processing on mbed - I did it for ERIC [[http://mbed.org/users/ms523/notebook/eric-overview/|here]]. The problem ...
item Answer posted for Question: Has anyone got a USB to Serial (FTDI) chip working with Mbed?: I did this a few years ago here: http://mbed.org/users/ms523/notebook/mbed-usb-breakout/ Better to use the USB library now-a-days however.

Martin’s public repositories

A library for the AX-12+ servo using external ICs instead of the SerialHalf-Duplex class ax12, Servo
A Simple library to capture pictures from the uCam by 4D Systems ucam
A program that records images from the OV7670 camera and displays them on a SPI TFT display. Working at 15fps camera, OV7670, video
A simple hello world program that writes and reads to and from FeRAM FeRAM
A library for using FeRAM from Ramtron FeRAM
Writing data to and from a USB stick USB
Shows how to use an object from multiple .cpp files
Program to show buffer fproblem buffer
Terminal Library - To interface with a termainal application (e.g. Terterm) to give some more functionallity TeraTerm, Terminal
Interfacing the AS5045 using SPI AS5045, Encoder, SPI
A program to display an image on the uLCD-32PT display by 4D Systems
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