Freelance software developer. Day job is currently java, xml, web. Other projects include mbed and arduino based projects.

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item Question asked: Which UARTs are available
item New fork of library: BSP_DISCO_F429ZI: Additional font macro
item Question asked: Read supply voltage
item Program updated: mDot_TTN_DS18B20: Example released
item Answer posted for Question: How to upgrade mDot board firmware without development baoard?: This thread on the MultiTech forum is helpful as it seems to answer the same question: thanks Andrew

Andrew’s public repositories

Additional font macro LCD, stm32
Added ability to use printf directly disco, LCD, stm32
Maxbotix ultrasonic distance sensor library
Dallas DS18B20 OneWire sensor library
A first port of the excellent Adafruit ST7735 library Adafruit, LCD, ST7735, TFT
A simple LoRaWAN temperature sensor based on Multitech mDot module. Lora, LoRaWAN, mdot
A first port of the excellent Adafruit GFX library Adafruit, GFX, LCD, TFT
Basic GPS message parser
Cheerlights client using WiFiDIPCortex and WS2801 RGB LED strip CC3000, Cheerlights, wifi, WiFiDIPCortex
my copy of HTTPClient
A conversion of the excellent Adafruit WS2801 library for Arduino to work on mbed led, rgb, ws2801
Simple library for MAG3110 magenetometer as built into Avnet Wi-Go module KL25z, MAG3110, Wi-Go
Demo usage of LLAP library Ciseco, SRF, wireless, XRF
LLAP Library for Ciseco wireless products. Ciseco, SRF, wireless, XRF
SMS message display on LED Matrix board with printer option K3770, led matrix, printer, Vodafone
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