Freelance software developer. Day job is currently SQL Server, SSRS and SSIS. IoT Projects include Flood Network sensor development and long range radios.

Andrew’s activity

item New fork of library: DS1820: DS18B20 library

Andrew’s public repositories

Maxbotix ultrasonic distance sensor library
Fork of CRC
Additional font macro
Added ability to use printf directly
Dallas DS18B20 OneWire sensor library
A first port of the excellent Adafruit ST7735 library
A first port of the excellent Adafruit GFX library
Basic GPS message parser
Cheerlights client using WiFiDIPCortex and WS2801 RGB LED strip
my copy of HTTPClient
A conversion of the excellent Adafruit WS2801 library for Arduino to work on mbed
Simple library for MAG3110 magenetometer as built into Avnet Wi-Go module
Demo usage of LLAP library
LLAP Library for Ciseco wireless products.
SMS message display on LED Matrix board with printer option
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