When you fork a library and republish it, consider making a pull request. This reduces double libraries on mbed. And send a PM to the author to inform him/her :).

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item Answer posted for Question: API Doumentation (for serial?): The problem is that these are inherited from another class, the Stream class. Here is its header file: https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os/blob/master/platform/Stream.h That ...
item Answer posted for Question: Is there any way to use USBSerial/printf and a USBMouse at the same time?: It is possible to have a USBSerial and a USBMouse over the same USB port (at least I think so). ...
item Answer posted for Question: Nucleo-F303K8: It depends per target how many bits SPI is supported. The (legacy) NXP platforms support a wide range of bits, ...
item Answer posted for Question: Can i use PTA1 and PTA2 as a PWM output ?: What kind of program are you using? A problem for sure is that those pins are also the USBTX and ...
item Answer posted for Question: Generate 13.56MHz Sine Wave with FRDM K64F: There is no way you get a sine wave at that frequency. Only realistic option is using PWM for example ...
item Answer posted for Question: C++ class initialization orders ?: In principle the warning isn't really important in this case, however of course it is nicer if it compiles without ...

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MODSERIAL with support for more devices
WakeUp Featured
Wake-up timer library to wake from deepsleep/power-down
FastPWM Featured
Library that allows for higher resolution and speed than standard mbed PWM library using same syntax (drop-in replacement).
Library for reading temperature from DS1820, DS18B20 and DS1822
DS1820 Hello World
Example of a Serial bootloader for the K64F platform
A software I2C interface which is a drop-in replacement for the regular mbed I2C interface in case you run out of I2C ports
Replacement for regular GPIO (DigitalIn, DigitalOut, DigitalInOut) classes which has superior speed.
Software serial, for when you are out of serial pins
Class similar to AnalogIn that uses burst mode to run continious background conversions so when the input is read, the last value can immediatly be returned.
IAP code for Freescale platforms
Example code to create a heartbeat sensor using the Si1146 on Silicon Lab's Biometrics expansion board for the Wonder Gecko
Library for Si114x optical sensors. Currently intended for the Si1146, although it will work also for the Si1145, and without full functionality for the Si1147
Class to be able to send SPI data with almost no overhead, useful at very high speeds.
DS1302 Hello World program
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