When you fork a library and republish it, consider making a pull request. This reduces double libraries on mbed.

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item Answer posted for Question: Minimum RAM and Flash requirement for porting MBED OS...: Are you going to port the normal mbed library (so DigitalIn, Serial, etc), or completely mbed OS? Regarding Mbed OS ...
item Answer posted for Question: LPC824 Power Consumption: LPC824 deepsleep power consumption should be in the micro-Amp range! Disabling the brownout detector can help with that, but that ...
item Answer posted for Question: Usage of (Buffered)SoftSerial: I see I was a bit limited on the documentation there :P. But yeah, Chris Pepper is most likely correct, ...
item Question asked: What is the javascript performance
item Question L6220E error marked as solved by answer: Seems to me you run over the maximum flash size.

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MODSERIAL with support for more devices
WakeUp Featured
Wake-up timer library to wake from deepsleep/power-down
FastPWM Featured
Library that allows for higher resolution and speed than standard mbed PWM library using same syntax (drop-in replacement).
Replacement for regular GPIO (DigitalIn, DigitalOut, DigitalInOut) classes which has superior speed.
Example of a Serial bootloader for the K64F platform
Software serial, for when you are out of serial pins
Class similar to AnalogIn that uses burst mode to run continious background conversions so when the input is read, the last value can immediatly be returned.
IAP code for Freescale platforms
Example code to create a heartbeat sensor using the Si1146 on Silicon Lab's Biometrics expansion board for the Wonder Gecko
Library for Si114x optical sensors. Currently intended for the Si1146, although it will work also for the Si1145, and without full functionality for the Si1147
Class to be able to send SPI data with almost no overhead, useful at very high speeds.
Library for reading temperature from DS1820, DS18B20 and DS1822
DS1820 Hello World
DS1302 Hello World program
DMA library for the KL25Z
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