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IoT Starter Kit – Ethernet Edition Released!

Today at Embedded World, ARM and IBM announced the IoT Starter Kit – Ethernet Edition. This kit includes the ARM® mbed™-enabled FRDM-K64F development platform, powered by an ARM Cortex®-M4 processor, access to IBM IoT cloud, and all the necessary parts needed to get started running the example programs right out of the box and developing your own IoT application!

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Wallbot BLE on sale!

We are excited to share the JKSoft's new mbed-enabled platform, Wallbot BLE.

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CSR and ARM mbed webinar: Helping you to connect everything

On Thursday February 12, ARM mbed’s Chris Styles, Application Engineering Manager, and Rohit Grover, Staff Engineer, will be joining Simon Finch, Head of Systems Integration at CSR in a webinar to discuss how you can use the ARM mbed platform and CSR shields to create Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

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100,000 developers, a TLD, join the team!

This is the sort of blog that I feel very lucky to be able to write...

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SparkFun mbed Starter Kit

Late last year Sparkfun introduced the ‘mbed Starter Kit’ and it's finally back in stock! This kit was pulled together in conjunction with Georgia Tech who use if for several classes and is designed to be an introduction to microcontroller based electronics! The kit includes the LPC1768 platform and all the components necessary to complete 10 tutorials created by SparkFun. Best of all, no soldering is required!

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Ö Bluetooth Ring

Wearable technology is a hot topic right now and it seems like a new smartwatch or fitness tracker is announced every other day! But what about having a tiny computer on your finger? What would you want it to control? I recently came across one of the smallest mbed projects we have ever seen before, the Ö Bluetooth Ring. This tiny personal computer was created by Kevin Bates, the founder of the company Arduboy, and we got a chance to chat with him while on his business travel in route to Shenzhen, China via Hawaii.

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mbed Activity Roundup – December 2014

It has been a while since the last activity roundup and the mbed team has been pretty busy! So we thought we would share some highlights from the last few months.

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20 Shields Supported on 10 ST Nucleo Platforms

When STMicroelectronics joined mbed, they were very interested in code quality, shield form factor components and cross target compatibility. This lined up quite well with the development of the mbed automated test suite and our component database initiative - one solid library and example program for all platforms being developed by groups of people all around the world with similar interests.

In fact, ST was the first to pioneer the use of the mbed automated test suite for platform support development on mbed and through it set a quality acceptance criteria for a target support in the mbed SDK.

Some months later, together with the ST team, we are happy to announce that 20 shields are now fully supported and tested across 10 ST Nucleo platforms on mbed. Here is a picture of the hardware used:

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Building SalesForce IoT applications with ARM mbed at dreamforce 2014!

Next week we'll be in San Francisco at Dreamforce '14! We're hosting a workshop and teaching how to use mbed and the Force.com REST API. In the workshop attendees will use RFID tokens to create Cases in Salesforce. The RFID token is identifies a service technician on-site fixing an intelligent street light. Case data is recorded and sent when the technician presents his/her RFID token. The example scenario and associated project code serve as an introduction to mbed and mbed device programming. Additionally, the project shows how an mbed device can easily connect to the Salesforce.com cloud directly.

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