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10th mbed Fest - Summer 2014

mbed Fest is an mbed user meet-up event that was held in Tokyo on the 30th August 2014. Attendees are mbed core users, beginners and electronics hobbyist. There were many great demos shown by the attendee's of their work with mbed. It was a excellent event for gaining useful information from a variety of developer and networking.

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ARM is reaching out to developers like you!

ARM is currently working on a project to better understand how to engage and collaborate with ARM developers through digital sites and communities.

We're really proud that the mbed community has become a great example of how this can work well, but I'm also sure we could do better too. As such, I thought it'd be really useful for mbed and ARM in general to hear what we could do to better support you. This is another opportunity to make working with mbed and ARM better!

We hope that you will be willing to complete this ARM survey, which should take around 15 minutes of your time. Please note that the survey will end on Tuesday 26th August:

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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Scheduled Maintenance Saturday 23rd August

As a response to recent downtime caused by problems on mbed.org’s upstream network connection network hardware is being replaced. This will result in mbed.org being offline on Saturday 23rd August from 6am PST (2pm UK, 10pm Tokyo) until 10am PST (6pm UK, 2am Tokyo).

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Team mbed at AT&T's Code for Car & Home Hackathon!

There was a great turnout and pure excitement about mbed at the AT&T Developer Summit 2014 Hackathon in January, so we decided to attend again. This time is the AT&T Hackathon @ Super Mobility Week – Code for Car & Home in Las Vegas, September 6-7, 2014. We have teamed up with Freescale Semiconductor, Multi-Tech Systems, Nordic Semiconductor, ST Microelectronics and u-blox to form ‘Team mbed.’ Team mbed brings a variety of hardware platforms for developers to choose from based on I/O and connectivity needs (Bluetooth®, cellular, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi®). Not to mention the 35+ sensors and actuators that we'll be bringing.

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pyOCD Binary Version

We have been working on creating an easier way for the mbed community to use the pyOCD library for programming and debugging the ARM® Cortex®-M microcontrollers using CMSIS-DAP. Here is an update on our work.

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Share your FRDM-K64F code to win a Garmin Watch!


April of this year the FRDM-K64F development platform was released with mbed support and we were pretty excited to welcome the platform into the community. It has tons of connectivity options including Ethernet and expansion headers for a 2.4GHz RF module and Bluetooth. There has been some great work being done with this platform, so Freescale wanted to give you all a chance to win a Garmin Forerunner 10 watch for your work!

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MicroNFCBoard makes NFC development easy!


Have you seen the recent Kickstarter, MicroNFCBoard? Well the creator is one of mbed’s very own, Donatien Garnier. Donatien is a former mbed intern (from about 4 years back) and active mbed community member. I got a chance to met him at our team bbq in Cambridge just a few weeks ago and got a close up look at his new Kickstarter project!

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Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy

If you have been working with the Nordic nRF51822 platform or mbed's Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) API, then you probably have come across some of Kevin Townsend's work on the mbed community. Recently I got a chance to catch up with him to find out more about the book he recently co-authored and published, ‘Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy,’ with Carles Cufi, Robert Davidson and Akiba. This book does a good job of explaining the basic concepts of Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), its history and it simplifies the concepts and vocabulary used around Bluetooth LE for all developers wanting to get started with this new ultra low power wireless technology.

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mbed application shield on sale!

Following the success of the mbed application board, the mbed application shield is now available!


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It’s a keychain? It’s a development platform? It’s mBuino!

We are excited to share the Kickstarter launch of GHI Electronic's new mbed-enabled platform, mBuino. mBuino is a programmable mbed-enabled keychain that features an ARM® Cortex™-M0 50Mhz, UART, SPI, and I2C.

/media/uploads/katiedmo/kickstarter.png /media/uploads/katiedmo/mbunio_keychain_1.png

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