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Ö Bluetooth Ring

Wearable technology is a hot topic right now and it seems like a new smartwatch or fitness tracker is announced every other day! But what about having a tiny computer on your finger? What would you want it to control? I recently came across one of the smallest mbed projects we have ever seen before, the Ö Bluetooth Ring. This tiny personal computer was created by Kevin Bates, the founder of the company Arduboy, and we got a chance to chat with him while on his business travel in route to Shenzhen, China via Hawaii.

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mbed Activity Roundup – December 2014

It has been a while since the last activity roundup and the mbed team has been pretty busy! So we thought we would share some highlights from the last few months.

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20 Shields Supported on 10 ST Nucleo Platforms

When STMicroelectronics joined mbed, they were very interested in code quality, shield form factor components and cross target compatibility. This lined up quite well with the development of the mbed automated test suite and our component database initiative - one solid library and example program for all platforms being developed by groups of people all around the world with similar interests.

In fact, ST was the first to pioneer the use of the mbed automated test suite for platform support development on mbed and through it set a quality acceptance criteria for a target support in the mbed SDK.

Some months later, together with the ST team, we are happy to announce that 20 shields are now fully supported and tested across 10 ST Nucleo platforms on mbed. Here is a picture of the hardware used:

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Building SalesForce IoT applications with ARM mbed at dreamforce 2014!

Next week we'll be in San Francisco at Dreamforce '14! We're hosting a workshop and teaching how to use mbed and the Force.com REST API. In the workshop attendees will use RFID tokens to create Cases in Salesforce. The RFID token is identifies a service technician on-site fixing an intelligent street light. Case data is recorded and sent when the technician presents his/her RFID token. The example scenario and associated project code serve as an introduction to mbed and mbed device programming. Additionally, the project shows how an mbed device can easily connect to the Salesforce.com cloud directly.

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Announcing our plans for mbed v3.0

We are really pleased to announce our plans for the next generation of mbed!

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10th mbed Fest - Summer 2014

mbed Fest is an mbed user meet-up event that was held in Tokyo on the 30th August 2014. Attendees are mbed core users, beginners and electronics hobbyist. There were many great demos shown by the attendee's of their work with mbed. It was a excellent event for gaining useful information from a variety of developer and networking.

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ARM is reaching out to developers like you!

ARM is currently working on a project to better understand how to engage and collaborate with ARM developers through digital sites and communities.

We're really proud that the mbed community has become a great example of how this can work well, but I'm also sure we could do better too. As such, I thought it'd be really useful for mbed and ARM in general to hear what we could do to better support you. This is another opportunity to make working with mbed and ARM better!

We hope that you will be willing to complete this ARM survey, which should take around 15 minutes of your time. Please note that the survey will end on Tuesday 26th August:

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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Scheduled Maintenance Saturday 23rd August

As a response to recent downtime caused by problems on mbed.org’s upstream network connection network hardware is being replaced. This will result in mbed.org being offline on Saturday 23rd August from 6am PST (2pm UK, 10pm Tokyo) until 10am PST (6pm UK, 2am Tokyo).

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Team mbed at AT&T's Code for Car & Home Hackathon!

There was a great turnout and pure excitement about mbed at the AT&T Developer Summit 2014 Hackathon in January, so we decided to attend again. This time is the AT&T Hackathon @ Super Mobility Week – Code for Car & Home in Las Vegas, September 6-7, 2014. We have teamed up with Freescale Semiconductor, Multi-Tech Systems, Nordic Semiconductor, ST Microelectronics and u-blox to form ‘Team mbed.’ Team mbed brings a variety of hardware platforms for developers to choose from based on I/O and connectivity needs (Bluetooth®, cellular, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi®). Not to mention the 35+ sensors and actuators that we'll be bringing.

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