Hi! I'm Developer Evangelist for mbed. I'll be roaming the questions and forum sections of mbed.org on a daily basis but feel free to reach out to me directly as well via jan.jongboom@arm.com!

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item Answer posted for Question: MBUINO not building: Can you remove the pre-built version of mbed, and add mbed-os? (via online compiler -> import library -> from URL ...
item http-example wiki was updated
item mbed-http wiki was updated
item Answer posted for Question: How to generate mbed-os static library .a file?: You can use ##arm-none-eabi-ar## to generate the `.a` file from the `.o` files. For example, see [[http://www.delorie.com/djgpp/v2faq/faq8_22.html | here]].
item New blog entry: Generating C++ wrappers for JS on mbed

Jan’s public repositories

FXOS8700CQ demo for mbed OS 5
Forked version of the FXOS8700CQ library which maintains its own memory
Two way data over LoRaWAN using Multitech mDot
Compiles against mbed OS 5
Using personalization mode for the Multitech mDot. Works out of the box with f.e. LORIOT (just copy in DevAddr and the Keys).
SimpleBLE prototype
HCSR04 Ultrasonic sensor exposed over BLE
Simple HTTP GET and POST with ESP8266.
Simple BLE device with LED and Button service, running on IDB04A1 shield.
LED and Button for BLE workshop (TinyBLE)
LORIOT firmware for the mbed Shield
Loramac in C, 868 mhz
App that goes w/ my article on how to offline sync with mbed
PIR + LoRa
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