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Building your own LoRa network

There is a lot of buzz around LoRa, a wide-area network solution that promises kilometers of range with very low power consumption. It was already possible to build LoRa end-nodes using mbed with the Multitech mDot platform or the SX1276MB1xAS shield, but a LoRa network is a lot bigger than just an end-device. If you're not in the vicinity of an existing LoRa network you'll need to think about gateways and software for a network service. Where to get started?!

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LoRa Hackathon, April 5th in Santa Clara, with The Things Network and Multitech

Do you want to get started building LoRa devices with mbed, or show that you're the best long-range hacker? On April 5th - during the LoRa alliance meeting in Santa Clara - ARM, The Things Network and Multitech will be hosting a LoRa hackathon. This is your chance to build IoT devices with kilometers of range that run for years on a battery, and win prizes along the way.

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Say hello to NXP Freedom boards


Exciting things are happening at NXP. Last year’s merger with Freescale brought together a robust portfolio of development boards, software and tools. NXP and Freescale were the first two semiconductor companies to embrace the ARM mbed platform and we are excited about the future for ARM mbed with the new NXP! We have exciting plans for bringing mbed-based solutions to embedded developers, but the first step is to consolidate the familiar Freescale Freedom development board platforms under the NXP brand. Note, there is no impact to existing/former NXP platforms like LPCXpresso, LPC1768, LPC800 and LPC11U24 boards.

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Introducing the Semtech NAMote72

Introducing the 915MHz NAMote72 platform based on the Semtech SX1272 LoRa™ Transceiver. This platform represents a completely programmable LoRa end device solution with a built in ARM® mbed™ compatible programming interface, a LiOn battery and charger. This platform provides the developer with a number of built in sensors including a GPS receiver, pressure transducer, touch sensor, accelerometer, and thermometer. The intent is to provide the developers with a platform to demonstrate the capabilities of LoRa and LoRaWAN in both private and public networks when used with a LoRaWAN concentrator. Developers can easily download and install existing code examples as well as develop their own custom code.

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AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon 2016 Wrap-Up

This year at the AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon in Las Vegas just after the new year began, hackers, coders, and engineers gathered to build innovative solutions that aimed to tackle some of the challenges of smart homes, smart cities and connected health.

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Swisscom Hackathon Wrapup

Swisscom Zurich Hackathon 2015 Wrapup : ARMmbed + ST Nucleo + Semtech LoRA + Actility cloud

Last weekend the ARM mbed team attended the LoRa-focused Swisscom Hackathon at Impact Hub Zurich. With 100 hackers organized into 14 teams and a tremendous amount of support from the mentors some truly amazing projects were created.

The Swisscom Hackathon was focused on using the low power LoRa radio network that Swisscom are piloting in Zurich and Geneva using 30 LoRa gateways. Hackers used the ARM mbed ecosystem (www.mbed.com or developer.mbed.org/ ?) to build code for the Semtech LoRA shield on a ST Nucleo board that connected to the Actility front end for the Swisscom cloud platform. Prior to the event the mbed team had hosted a series of workshops on Getting started with LoRA using Semtech shields and Getting started with the Actility cloud. With over 110K packets sent and less than 0.00001% packet drop the LoRa network really shone through as a stable backbone for enabling the Internet of Things (IoT). /media/uploads/mbedAustin/swisscomhackathonbp_qIIwZT6.png

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Gearing up for ARM TechCon 2015 – ARM mbed Highlights

ARM TechCon is fast approaching and with only less than a week away, we wanted to share some of the ARM mbed highlights to make sure you put them on your calendar.

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CUES Hackathon Wrap-Up

Last weekend the mbed team was at the CUES Hackathon, the first ever ARM mbed wearable hackathon.

With 100 participants from the University of Cambridge, CUES Hackathon was a great success. Over the course of 24 hours, teams of student build amazing projects. The participants were given a BLE Nano development board from RedBearLab which contains a Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 SoC that enables Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) communication with mobile phones and other BLE devices.

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Activity Round Up – Oct 2015: mbed Enabled applications open, Cannybots & new platforms!

It has been a while since we last did a round up. Needless to say we, have been a little busy and here are some of the recent highlights and activities.

mbed Enabled program applications open!

Earlier in the summer we announced the mbed Enabled™ program. Well it's here and applications are now open!

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Scheduled Maintenance Thursday 6th August

To support the continuing growth of mbed storage upgrades will be performed on 6th of August starting at 0645 UTC (0745 BST, 1500 JST, 2300 Aug 5th PST)

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