I like mbed (too)!

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item Answer posted for Question: How was the Maple Mini blink example loaded onto the target?: Hi Martin There are two ways to flash the bin file to Maple Mini. One way to do this as ...
item Answer posted for Question: TFT_Test_ILI9341 Compiling errors with NUCLEO_F103RB : Alright, in case anyone wants to use this library with Nucleo F103RB, make sure you use revision "11:59eca2723ec5" for this ...
item Pull Request on nRF24L01P_Maniacbug updated: Fix incompatibility with FRDM-KL05Z
item Answer posted for Question: Nucleo: What am I doing wrong?: This happened to me too when I first got my Nucleo board; and I can confirm that by updating mbed ...
item Pull Request on BurstSPI updated: KL46Z support
item New fork of library: BurstSPI: Add support for KL46Z

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A blink led example using Maple Mini.
Maniacbug's nRF24L01 arduino library ported to mbed. Functional with minor issues.
Example using DHT11 with KL05Z. DHT library from teams/components/code/DHT
Add support for KL46Z