ST / ATParser

ATParser for X-NUCLEO-IDW01M1 module

Dependencies:   BufferedSerial

Dependents:   SPWF01SA-lapi-1 SPWF01SA

Fork of ATParser by ST Expansion SW Team


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
20:ea155e6b1fb1 6 months agomapellilAdded getTimeout default tip
19:537f1380c44a 8 months agomansiagReceive trailing delimiters of messages in vrecv()
18:23f4573bcda2 10 months agomridupAT send ends with CR (not CR-LF)
17:bf5ceea4d6f2 10 months agomridupfix for vrecv() to get the last '\n' byte in case of recv'ing strings with number endings.
16:b9b53df4dc4d 10 months agomridupminor changes.
15:311f99666a8d 10 months agomriduprecv AT response with last chars as numbers and ending with CR-LF.(no non-digit last char)
14:6b8190f55d83 14 months agogekyUpdated dependencies
13:46a18ad08efc 15 months agoChristopher Haster Added better handling of binary data
12:7d3c3f7ce928 15 months agoChristopher Haster Removed carriage returns
11:fd406d4c4227 17 months agosam_groverename echo to debug - uses debug calls.
10:553f9ffaf657 22 months agosam_groveSmall changes
9:9bcb87c27208 22 months agogekyAdded direct printf/scanf methods as alternatives to the newline-based send/recv methods.
8:91515b168c70 22 months agogekyRemoved broken command method. Command calls can be replaced by anded send/recv calls.
7:d1b193880af1 22 months agogekyModified response parsing to try every character instead of waiting for newlines. This means the ATParser can now handle trailing binary data in AT commands.
6:51f1171b5ebc 22 months agogekyExposed raw read/write methods
5:26bc9255b751 22 months agogekySeperated command into send/recv components for seperate use
4:38acbd6f9d9e 22 months agogekyExposed the underlying putc/getc methods for collecting raw data
3:32915b9467d2 22 months agogekyAdded configurable delimiters; ; This does now require explicit delimiters and no long matches the last character.
2:4d68f546861c 22 months agogekyFixed issue with uninitialized variable after failed scanf
1:66a14afe650a 22 months agogekyWorked around scanf's lack of error reporting; ; This required a rather roundabout method of performing two scanf passes, one with clobbered matches %n, and the other with the actual value matches.; ; Also the parser now scans multiple lines.
0:c741e144517c 22 months agogekyInitial Commit