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item Answer posted for Question: System clock: You can inspect the system core clock by printing it to your terminal: <> pc.printf("SystemCoreClock is %d Hz\r\n", SystemCoreClock); <> ...
item Answer posted for Question: I2C pinmap not found for peripheral: You need to use the correct naming convention as shown on the platform page for the lpc1114. Try <> I2C ...
item Answer posted for Question: I2C multi-byte read command not working while single byte reading works: In the first example you use as slave address: <> const char data_write = (mi2cAddress << 1) | 1; <> ...

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TextLCD test code for US2066 using I2C interface on W7500 platform
Demo for USBJoystick updated for 32 buttons.
USBJoystick updated for 32 buttons and added wait-for-connect.
LED Driver, 6 digits @ 8 segm, 8 LEDs, 16 Keys. SPI Interface
led, SPI
Testprogram for STLED316S driver lib SPI Interface
led, SPI
Example for PT6318 VFD controller. Supports KUH8300 player
Library for Princeton PT6318 VFD controller Initial version for KUH8300.
Test for SWO viewer library.
Demonstration program for STM Studio monitor and debug tool.
dummy lib to publish STM Studio demo as component.
Test program for TM1638 LED controller. Supports LED&KEY, QYF-TM1638 and JY-LKM1638 module.
TM1638 LED controller. Max 80 LEDs, Max 24 Key scan. Supports LED&KEY, QYF-TM1638 and JY-LKM1638 module.
Test program fro TM1637 LEDController Library, Initial release.
Library for TM1637 LEDcontroller
Test program for TM1640 LED controller library. Initial version
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