Tisham Dhar / Hexi_GPSIMU_Hotshoe

Use hexiwear as a GPSIMU-AHRS for Nikon DSLR cameras

Dependencies:   FXOS8700Q FXAS21000 MBed_Adafruit-GPS-Library Hexi_OLED_SSD1351

Fork of Hexi_Blinky_Example by Hexiwear



RevisionDateWhoCommit message
24:cbdf0f7d33bd 5 months agowhatnickAdded sensor fusion code default tip
23:f170a1d72a84 5 months agowhatnickThreaded GPS and IMU reading
22:e69bc54ca4c0 5 months agowhatnickReformat display to fit
21:b165e847c5ba 5 months agowhatnickRead all sensors and display on OLED
20:5a4e47822d79 6 months agowhatnickHappy start message
19:f9e9c424a41f 6 months agowhatnickOffsets to work with SSD1351 stock library
18:76f4fc030036 6 months agowhatnickOffsets to work with Hexi
17:d30e11e60dba 6 months agowhatnick3-spaces to fix alignment
16:2e42284011d9 6 months agowhatnickSomewhat working OLED display (writing is flipped)
15:b5a3e22d706b 6 months agowhatnickAdded GPS and OLED libraries
14:9885c8536437 6 months agowhatnickRead hexiwear ACC-MAG
13:e702b6efb480 6 months agoGregCHexiwear blinks RGB LED in red
12:de7b9d98be4b 7 months agoMACRUMUpdate libraries
11:4cfe2fa00668 11 months agoMACRUMUpdate libraries
10:3e42ca878d11 13 months agoMACRUMUpdate libraries
9:0d1a88e54782 16 months agoMACRUMUpdate libraries
8:392ad468bdd3 17 months agoMACRUMUpdate libraries
7:aecc1c3ea8db 23 months agombedAustinupdated libraries
6:e8cd76f38fa9 2014-05-09screamerFixed the builds URL
5:0ee0afc66ccd 2014-04-03screamerAlways import the latest mbed SDK build
4:81cea7a352b0 2014-03-18stevepRe-add newline
3:2e347c65be00 2014-03-18steveprevert
2:c30dc3ae7426 2014-03-18stevepadd comment
1:0e7c9a80e2a6 2014-02-21Stephen Paulger Use latest build
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