Tisham Dhar

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Use hexiwear as a GPSIMU-AHRS for Nikon DSLR cameras
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Hexiwear specific mods for SSD1351
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Fork to pull magnetic calibration code
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This program is designed to run on a set of Xadow M0 modules to create a Hotshoe IMU which outputs GPS and Orientation data to Nikon cameras, as well as ...
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barometric pressure sensor BMP085 http://mbed.org/users/okini3939/notebook/barometric-pressure-sensor-bmp085/ http://mbed.org/users/okini3939/notebook/weatherduino-on-mbed/
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With UBlox messages
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Testsoftware for SC16IS750
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Seeed Xadow M0 working with SD card add-on
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Adafruit GPS library sample with Xadow GPS and Xadow Oled
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LCD Hello mbed World! Working with Nucleo and DFRobot 16x2 Keypad shield