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item Answer posted for Question: STM32 F411RE Nucleo HAL driver: mbed for STM32 targets also uses STM HAL in the backgound. You can check it in the repository. In CubeMX, ...
item Answer posted for Question: Problem with using two buttons.: I wrote a Button library with debounce, auto-repeat, press, long press features. You can use it, or check source for ...
item Library updated: Button: Auto enable interrupt.
item Answer posted for Question: How to delete forum posts and issues: You should report issues here, this is the mbed official repository: Issues could not be deleted but can be ...
item Answer posted for Question: uart serial interupts example trouble: You have a function prototype for your interrupt handler: void Rx1_interrupt(); But there is no implementation. <> //This is the ...
item Answer posted for Question: How can we activate try-catch in the web compiler?: Avoid dynamic allocation on a microcontroller.

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EERAM Featured
Driver library for Microchip I2C EERAM (47x04 and 47x16) 4 kbit or 16 kbit EEPROM backed SRAM.
Button class with auto repeat function.
I2C library for Bosch BNO055 sensor
Example program for Microchip 47x04 and 47x16 EERAM devices.
Sample program for STM32F103 variants library. (Bluepill, Maple Mini, Nucleo F103 with external 8MHz crystal.)
Based on the libraries by Zoltan Hudak Added #ifdefs to avoid compile errors, so it is easy to select target board: Bluepill, Maple Mini, Nucleo F103, Nucleo F103 with external ...
Two axis analog (2x potmeter) joystick driver.
Added Discovery F429ZI 8 bit SPI support. Added helper methods to character based locate.
Added Raize 10x16 monospaced font.
External modules with MapleMini (STM32F103RB)
Fixed version check for AOA 2.0
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