Hello! I'm tedd. I was an engineer for chips.
Let's enjoy mbed!


Your comments and pull requests for my code are welcome!

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item SB1602E wiki was updated
item SB1602E_Hello wiki was updated
item Component updated: SB1602E (ST7032)
item Answer posted for Question: I think it is a mistake.: Thank you for finding my mistake. I will fix the picture.
item Component updated: Stepper motor (unipolar)
item Answer posted for Question: How to perform direct register accesses?: This discussion may help you ;)\\ https://developer.mbed.org/forum/mbed/topic/2866/
item Answer posted for Question: I2C SDA Stuck: When the SDA stack (SDA kept low) happened, it may be recovered by "bus clear". It is explained in I2C ...
item Answer posted for Question: Local File Systems: This page may help -> https://developer.mbed.org/users/mbed_official/code/mbed/docs/ad3be0349dc5/classmbed_1_1LocalFileSystem.html . And reference on the online compiler could be useful also. {{/media/uploads/okano/ref_on_compiler_page.png}}

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a sample code for mbed fest hands-on (ふれあいコーナー)
GPIO pin operation sample of SC18IM700
sample of getting console key
this transfers data (which is stored in "bin" file in mbed storage) into LPC1114, LPC1115, LPC81x, LPC82x, LPC1768/LPC1769 and LPC11U68/LPC11E68 internal flash memory through ISP.
Test program for SB1602E class library
PCA9956B (24ch LED controller). Simple 2 demoboards operation.
Directry file listing class Instance will be a vector of string class which holds the file name of given path.
just a sample of what can be done
A simple musical instrument application using pressure and distance measuring sensors
demo program
Unipolar stepper motor operation library
Hello program for StepperMotorUni library
PCA9547: an I2C bus multiplexer control library. PCA9547 is an I2C multiplexer which enables to select 1:8 multiplexed I2C bus. The multiplexer is useful for deviding I2C bus to avoiding ...
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