aka n24bass サラリーマンプログラマ。 趣味の電子工作。 http://bird.dip.jp/mt/

Masato’s activity

item Pull Request on st7565LCD updated: adapted for ST7567 (aitendo CH12864F-SPI)
item st7565LCD wiki was updated
item Program updated: Nucleo_AQM1248A: working
item Library updated: aqm1248a_lcd: add MISO
item Sharp_Memory_LCD_Test wiki was updated
item MMA7660 wiki was updated

Masato’s public repositories

for Aitendo TFT LCD (M018C7735SPI)
adapted for ST7567 (aitendo CH12864F-SPI)
AQM1248A LCD + GT20L16J1Y Japanese font ROM with Nucleo
tested on STM32 Nucleo L152RE
LCD library for Akizuki AQM1248A graphic LCD module
test program for Sharp memory LCD
library for Sharp memory LCD (LS027B4DH01)
OLED module (128x64/SPI) [aitendo VGM12864SPI-W] with Aidafruit SSD1306 library
derived from Aidafruit SSD1306 library
added puticon() for SB1602B
aitendo C128X64SPI-12P-M with FRDM KL25Z
modify for C210 webcam and Startboard Orange.
with Starboard Orange
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