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Dependencies:   FastPWM3 mbed


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
92:a9dac72d8cac 3 weeks agobwang--PwmIn now checks lower bounds for sanity and fall without rise; --switched to edge aligned pwm to work around prius module propagation delays default tip
91:f58472ac3fae 3 weeks agobwangswitch to edge aligned mode for improved performance
90:2ef53b1a22de 3 weeks agobwangswitched to using ADC_EOC
89:9e00a3c0c7ad 4 weeks agobwangvd,vq constrained in a circle, not an ellipse
88:703780322d5b 4 weeks agobwangrather shady vector hysteresis implementation, motor now spins very fast
87:eb5e918a6930 4 weeks agobwangthe code does things, but are they right?
86:b059f637e9ac 6 weeks agobwangrenamed some stuff
85:2280526f9bad 6 weeks agobwangbetter error handling, continued
84:dd32640942a4 6 weeks agobwangbetter error handling started
83:eb3704d4943f 6 weeks agobwangmore structural changes
82:5e741c5ffd9f 6 weeks agobwangthings somewhat work?
81:4f8d87862651 8 weeks agobwangremoved flashwriter classes pending further testing, code should compile again
80:64732542010a 8 weeks agobwanguntil further noted, subsequent commits may not compile
79:d0b1bb3dcf68 8 weeks agobwangadded FlashWriter class
78:b8df106126a7 2 months agobwangadded THROTTLE_CRAZY parameter for error checking
77:66a9b53131f8 2 months agobwangthrottle blocking code out for now, there seems to be a state where the throttle continuously blocks for seconds at a time...
76:c66014e50384 2 months agobwanglowered logging frequency, throttle polling frequency
75:591556ce033d 2 months agobwangthrottle edges acquired during commutation are invalidated; physically impossible throttle readings are invalidated; removed two-step throttle filtering code in lieu of superior methods
74:f10cb573d7ca 2 months agobwangadded two stage throttle filtering in an attempt to mitigate low speed crunching
73:d44bc3a46942 2 months agobwangadded ConstantThrottleMapper class for testing
72:5f1da97d62e1 2 months agobwangadded config_logging.h
71:292dfc44ca53 2 months agobwangthrottle filtering (0.9) + debug statements
70:5e39beeb4a21 2 months agobwangadded throttle filtering
69:2d68b95b2afe 2 months agobwanganother commit is needed? (overwrites previous one)
68:f69a4f5bc93e 2 months agobwanglower inductance tables result in extremely poor performance, poor spindown times, and oscillations
67:753f013d35a1 2 months agobwangsomehow the tables were not uploaded in the last commit?
66:f0c098f104f0 2 months agobwangnew tables, lower inductance
65:6e1fdbfae57b 2 months agobwangremoved spurious comments, performance is mediocre (29Nm)
64:b4175385d718 2 months agobwangon gokart 1/28/2017 18:20; vd vq and integrals clamped into ellipses, correct gains, some debug statements in main()
63:f6fd98888e6a 2 months agobwanghigher baudrate, incorrect loop gains, better real-world performance; on gokart 1/28/2017 04:12
62:581aa9235ad6 2 months agobwangupped serial baud rate, "correct" loop gains (which result in reduced real-world performance)
61:85a31897e719 2 months agobwangwork in progress
60:22338b6c7a6e 2 months agobwangreverted loop gains
59:0416da6c3060 2 months agobwangminor changes
58:7316c5a4c417 2 months agobwangnew gains, different d and q gains
57:fe85b52e223d 2 months agobwangfixed loop gain scaling issue
56:c681001dfa46 3 months agobwangadded (ineffective) LimitingThrottleMapper, updated throttle ranges to get 100% instead of 85%
55:3568b78dc203 3 months agobwangadded W_SAFE parameter
54:25db122c05f0 3 months agobwangno printf's
53:b7f824360fe3 3 months agobwangerror logic fixes
52:fd3d8df99287 3 months agobwangadded integral decay and intent-of-driving check
51:8b817927d6e4 3 months agobwangremoved debugging printf
50:f508c7860342 3 months agobwangexcellent performance
49:da8604278d76 3 months agobwangnon-saturating tables
48:a1a09c83d42c 3 months agobwangbugfixes on table code (zero throttle is now zero torque, fixed a sign error going in reverse); current table has some made-up saturation curves taken into account
47:1c9868e226d0 3 months agobwangfixed order of operations bug
46:748aba7d111d 3 months agobwangstartup message
45:cf8ad81fb0f0 3 months agobwangthis revision uses the naive (no FW) d/q code and a linear throttle map
44:3fd6a43b91f0 3 months agobwangtemp commit
43:bb4e3b2c08bb 3 months agobwangremoved Driving/*
42:030e0ec4eac5 3 months agobwangstructural changes; reference and throttle maps now classes, global variables moved to structs, system config functions moved to BREMS/*
41:896ac1c046fd 3 months agobwangLUT code checked off, errors fixed
40:22aede3d096f 4 months agobwangswitching to table based optimization
39:80b38a8e1787 4 months agobwanglastest updates; loads of stubs for broken FW and optimization functions
38:07cb4ae6c1bd 4 months agobwangadded fast atan code to MathHelpers
37:ba7ebf4f8a78 5 months agobwangupdated get_mtpa_dq to be always give the correct ratio of id to iq; NOT TESTED: switched get_dq to use the get_mtpa* functions as altermotter requires huge amounts of d-axis amps
36:cac9785c91cb 5 months agobwangworking gokart, stubs for maximum torque per amp based on torque, converting to mpta based on total phase current
35:89385f64c867 5 months agobwangfixed scaling in decoupling code
34:454a4256c4fe 5 months agobwangadditional algorithmic changes
33:93a0d621a095 5 months agobwangadditional algorithmic changes