Ben Katz / Hobbyking_Cheetah_Compact

Motor control for robots. More compact, less object-oriented revision.

Dependencies:   FastPWM3 mbed

Fork of Hobbyking_Cheetah_V1 by Ben Katz


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
26:2b865c00d7e9 3 weeks agobenkatz- Added CAN Send/Receive; - Updated to most recent MBED (Broke SPI 16-bit read/write. Hacked to work with 2 8-bit writes now); - Removed most sine/cos calculations; - Fixed sign error in autocalibration routine default tip
25:f5741040c4bb 6 weeks agobenkatzSet current bandwidth from serial interface
24:58c2d7571207 6 weeks agobenkatzCan flush preferences multiple times now
23:2adf23ee0305 7 weeks agobenkatzAdded bayley's flash writer
22:60276ba87ac6 7 weeks agobenkatzEncoder autocalibration for dc offset and harmonics
21:7d1f0a206668 2 months agobenkatzCompact version works
20:bf9ea5125d52 2 months agobenkatzCompact version works.;
19:bd10a04eedc2 3 months agobenkatzcommit b4 fork; reorganizing coming
18:f1d56f4acb39 5 months agobenkatzWorking CAN Torque Command for Dyno-ing;
17:3c5df2982199 5 months agobenkatzInitial CAN Import;
16:385dd470fa3f 5 months agobenkatzSwitch to mbed 127 to fix CAN;
15:ef00814e38e2 5 months agobenkatzgetting ready to add CAN Bus;
14:80ce59119d93 6 months agobenkatzMisc. changes. Finally fixed transforms (turns out B and C current measurements were accidentally swapped)
13:a3fa0a31b114 12 months agobenkatzfixed some dumb things;
12:c473a25f54f7 12 months agobenkatzexperimental feed-forward decoupling;
11:c83b18d41e54 12 months agobenkatzsummer cleaning;
10:370851e6e132 12 months agobenkatzNow featuring hobbyking startup tone!
9:d7eb815cb057 12 months agobenkatzFixed current scaling hack
8:10ae7bc88d6e 13 months agobenkatzMulti-turn mechanical position, MA700 position sensing over SPI. Placeholder torque controller for cogging/ripple compensation;
7:dc5f27756e02 14 months agobenkatzpropper svm;
6:4ee1cdc43aa8 14 months agobenkatzSwitched from sinusoidal pwm to svm
5:51c6560bf624 14 months agobenkatzMoved InvClarke out of SVM
4:c023f7b6f462 14 months agobenkatzserial debugging;
3:6a0015d88d06 14 months agobenkatzmore motter;
2:8724412ad628 15 months agobenkatznow uses TIM1 for PWM - makes layout for micro-on-board version much easier
1:b8bceb4daed5 15 months agobenkatzAdded some comments, cleaned things up a bit
0:4e1c4df6aabd 15 months agobenkatzIt works!