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item Library updated: Chirp: 10khz i2c
item Library updated: BME280: 10Khz I2C
item Question asked: Is this avaliable?
item Question asked: Wi-fi Library Broken?
item Answer posted for Question: Can't flash the module — 'Please insert disk': I just tested all my Mbed boards and discovered that this is a windows 10 issue. MTS-Dragonfly and another board, ...
item Question asked: Wifi Libraries?
item Answer posted for Question: Unsafe power-off corrupts filesystem?: This interests me as well
item Answer posted for Question: 1-Wire (OneWire) on W7500P: it's a known problem with boards based on W7500P and Mbed drivers: 1: https://developer.mbed.org/questions/54363/WIZwiki-W7500-SystemCoreClock-at-20MHz-i/ 2: https://github.com/mbedmicro/mbed/issues/1524
item Answer posted for Question: Does C027 support Microsoft Azure IoT Suite?: I don't think it supports ssl, and Azure IoT suite requires SSL

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Chirp Featured
Chirp is a great little soil moisture sensor. This is a library for the Chirp soil moisture sensor. It supports reading Capacitance (soil moisture) and soil temperature. You can get ...
BME280 Featured
A library to read BME280 sensor with error detection
This program tests Chirp - the soil moisture sensor