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Implements a basic USB mouse function using a 5-way Navigation Switch (Digital Joystick) on mbed LPC1768. A USB connector breakout board is needed.
Prints MAC address of an mbed LPC1768 on the USB virtual com port
Used to tune ESC controllers using BLHeli firmware
Use mbed as a Pi console cable to run command line Linux
Runs an RC Brushless DC motor using with an ESC module. Mbed supplies the PWM control signal for the ESC. See https://developer.mbed.org/users/4180_1/notebook/using-a-dc-brushless-motor-with-an-rc-esc/ for more info
Test servo, IR sensor, and motor setup on Sparkfun Shadow robot base
Sonar demo with timer interrupts
An Experimental IMU demo with some initial mag calibration code.
library for IMU demo with mag calibration code
LSM9DS1 IMU Library by J Mar - Fixed typo on comment line 315 *.h file causing compile errors
Hello World for SPW2430 MEMs microphone. LEDs display audio level.
Serial passthrough with echo back to PC added - used for testing Emic 2 commands
class for emic 2 speech synthesis module
Emic2 Speech Synthesis Module Hello World Demo See https://developer.mbed.org/users/4180_1/notebook/emic-2-text-to-speech-engine/
Hello world for small Sparkfun solenoid
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