CatPot 2015-2016 / CatPot_2v10_T_Main


Dependencies:   mbed AQM1602 HMC6352 PID


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
38:67bc78f3c0ab 17 months agolilac0112_1JapanSoccerOpen2016 CatPot Program(main) default tip
37:6100c01f402d 17 months agolilac0112_1Libero can also use dribbler.
36:b1ebcc2c1f70 17 months agolilac0112_1start2 are renewed.
35:eb1854273e55 17 months agolilac0112_1Change!; green...libero; red......attack
34:1c86c1299ea4 17 months agolilac0112_1OK?It can be shipped; red......libero; green...atkOnly
33:aa115c30892e 17 months agolilac0112_1drib
32:367b16d69a32 17 months agolilac0112_1turn start are renewed
31:745a775cfc20 17 months agolilac0112_1Libero and atk
30:5998ba42237e 17 months agolilac0112_103/23 ping slow OK
29:e8bafe48aa90 17 months agolilac0112_1OK except dribbler,kicker and turn atk.
28:f246a5fbf6a5 17 months agolilac0112_1LineSeries2 has been released
27:825c6835e3db 17 months agolilac0112_1somehow
26:6ca88eeaa2b4 17 months agolilac0112_1hard error has been declined.
25:a7460e23e02e 17 months agolilac0112_1BackHomeOnly
24:34ef6379b0df 17 months agolilac0112_1included strategy comment.
23:df68f1a2c226 17 months agolilac0112_1somehow
22:b7720bba2ca6 17 months agolilac0112_1Oh Good Line
21:378470320524 17 months agolilac0112_1PING IR COMPASS >> INFO
20:d69ce8f47f1d 17 months agolilac0112_1SOMEHOW
19:967207de919d 17 months agolilac0112_1TICK DecLine
18:3a42a931c95a 17 months agolilac0112_1LINE NAOSITA
17:cc862ecf9812 17 months agolilac0112_1OK GOOGLE! Good Line
16:4fadb7a87497 17 months agolilac0112_1line line line
15:17502a27a60b 17 months agolilac0112_1somehow
14:b510adcb6065 17 months agolilac0112_1somehow
13:b20921316f3c 17 months agolilac0112_1somehow
12:bee8f883c33a 17 months agolilac0112_1changed usw_trig time
11:3efae754e6ef 17 months agolilac0112_1somehow
10:6df631c39f9b 17 months agolilac0112_1pid+alpha
9:c966191926c5 17 months agolilac0112_1somehow
8:25c8c75d182a 17 months agolilac0112_1somehow
7:efe90188a49d 17 months agolilac0112_1active setting
6:f9167470d819 17 months agolilac0112_1power settting
5:5ff3a7d5d8c2 17 months agolilac0112_1somehow and new ir_pow_format
4:52da8da146d4 17 months agolilac0112_1modified command interface
3:c49ea7ad8e91 17 months agolilac0112_1somehow
2:635947de1583 17 months agolilac0112_1somehow
1:3e013ae7900d 17 months agolilac0112_1modified ir format.
0:ea35c18c85fc 18 months agolilac0112_1maincode for japan open.