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Is there an anybody that manage HAL_Delay for microsecond

Hi everyone , I wanna use DS18B20 but I need microsecond function or method to HAL_Delay in Hal Library..Save me please

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4 weeks ago.

Which Hal Library? Considering your previous question I am assuming an STM Hal library. Then you are better of asking STM (maybe they also have forums). This is intended for mbed related questions.

Yes I mean STM Hal library ,I didnt indicate sorry

posted by Emrah Duatepe 24 Jun 2017

I tried some ways like these but keil compiler didn't allow to compile asm codes and I got different style in C using a website codes below.Now my new problem is HAL_GPIO_WritePin is working reverse but everything seems ok.

/*void delayUS_ASM(uint32_t value) { SysTick->VAL = 8 * value; uint32_t temp = SysTick->VAL; while(temp) { temp = SysTick->VAL; } }*/ /*void delayUS_ASM(uint32_t delay_us) { uint32_t nb_loop; nb_loop = (((SystemCoreClock / 1000000)/4)*delay_us)+1; /* uS (divide by 4 because each loop take about 4 cycles including nop +1 is here to avoid delay of 0 */ /*asm volatile ( "1: " "\n\t" " nop " "\n\t" " subs.w %0, %0, #1 " "\n\t" " bne 1b " "\n\t" : "=r" (nb_loop) : "0"(nb_loop) : "r3" ); }*/

and in C

static inline void delay_us(volatile uint16_t micros) { micros *= (SystemCoreClock / 1000000) / 5;

while (micros); }

posted by Emrah Duatepe 28 Jun 2017

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