Ultra low power sensor for magnetic field, capacitive touch and inductive proximity. Empowers next-generation user interfaces.

Hello World

Import programIQS620_HelloWorld

Ulta Low Power Multi-Sensor For Magnetic Field, Capacitive Touch and Inductive Proximity (Metal Detection)


Import libraryIQS62x

Library to read and write Azoteq IQS6xx device registers via I2C.




Distributor Availability: June 2017

Connecting IQS620 to mbed Hardware


IQS620 Eval Kit board Connected to mbed LPC1768 board.
The five wires are power(2), I2C(2) and RDY(1).

Data Sheet & Eval Kit Information

IQSDisplayTerminal Library

Formatted Display of IQS620 registers on a serial terminal.

Import libraryIQS620DisplayTerminal

Register Display of Azoteq IQS620 Magnetic/Touch/Inductive sensor

IQS620 Pinout


Handy Table of ProxFusion Device Features

ALS = Ambient Light Sensor PIR = Passive Infrared


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