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Rover Robot wins 3rd place in 2012 Sparkfun AVC

Electronics distributor SparkFun held their annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition (AVC) last weekend in Boulder, Colorado - and we would like to congratulate Michael Shimniok for his mbed-powered Rover Robot coming in third place!

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Free Stuff! - Seeed Studio Grove Modules

Seeed Studio, one of our mbed distributors has kindly sent us some Grove Modules to give-away to mbed users, in return for writing a library and cookbook page for them.



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mbed Newsletter - June 2012

It's has been a busy few months here at mbed, here's a wrap up of a few interesting things that have been happening with mbed -

  • Collaboration beta Trials
  • Automated Heating Controller using Google Calendar
  • NEW NFC Stack for mbed
  • UK SMART Grants for Prototype to Product
  • Beta Testers Wanted - 3G Mobile Internet
  • Live Webinar : Rapid Prototype & Development of USB Connected Devices Using mbed and LPCXpresso

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mbed Online Collaboration Beta Video!

Here is a video showing some of the new online collaboration features in action:

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NEW NFC Stack for mbed

NFC is one of the hottest technology topics around around at the moment, throw in Android and now you should definitely be interested! We've seen banks stumble over each other to be the first to offer NFC-enabled services, and now smart posters are becoming more prevalent in bus shelters begging to deliver you more content by fist pumping your smartphone at it. You've seen the technology in action, now it's time to get prototyping for yourself.


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UK SMART grants for prototype to product

Ashley Evans of the Electronic Technology networks has contacted us to tell us about SMART Grants, and how they might be applicable for UK-based mbed developers. SMART Grants are an EU-funded initiative aimed at supporting SMEs take innovative new designs from the drawing board to commercial success.


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Collaboration beta trials starting now

I'm happy to announce that we are now accepting beta testers for our new collaboration infrastructure!


This is a major update for mbed, introducing fully integrated support for code collaboration within the mbed Compiler and Website.

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Live Webinar : Rapid Prototype & Development of USB Connected Devices Using mbed and LPCXpresso

Jim Carver (Avnet Electronics) and Paul Boogaards (NXP Semiconductors), two specialists in microcontrollers and embedded development, are going to present a free live webinar about rapid prototyping including a walk-through of adding USB connectivity to designs using the LPC11U24.



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Over the Air 2012 - Part III

And the winner is...

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Over the Air 2012 - Part II

So after a good session during the day, it was time to step up to the big stage in the Main Marquee.


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