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mbed application board - First preproduction boards

The first samples of the mbed Application Board are back from the manufacturers, L-TEK. There are a few minor tweeks to make before we press the "GO" button for full production, but the tests so far have worked great.


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mbed lab board coming soon - Samples up for grabs!

After a busy year at mbed HQ, I've picked up again on an earlier plan to make a lab board for the mbed NXP LPC1768. Read more about the original concept the blog post entitled On the mbed Whiteboard

Meanwhile, this is the before and after...


We're expecting this to retail at something around $50.

Write a driver, get one free!

The first samples are currently being manufactured so its time to have a little fun. We are offering 3 lab boards free in return for writing one of the 3 peripheral driver libraries required.

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mbed Interface v2.0 experiments - Adding CMSIS-DAP debug!

A peek at something we're working on in the labs; v2.0 of our mbed Interface!


The mbed Interface v2.0 adds support for the new CMSIS-DAP driverless USB debug connection, so in addition to the drag n drop FLASH programming you use with mbed, when you export to a full debug toolchain, you will be able to perform full debug with the same mbed hardware!

Here is a video showing it in action:

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mbed Newsletter - August 2012

The summer months are traditionally a little bit quieter as many people take the opportunity to take some time off. However, the work here at mbed hasn't stopped. In this issue:

  • Official libraries: RTOS updates, network stack updates, and adoption of USB Device library
  • Online tools: Collaboration update: one month in, and a new /code/ page

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Scheduled downtime - August 16th

We plan to perform some site maintenance on August the 16th, starting from approximately 6pm UK time. That's 10AM New York, and 2AM Tokyo.

We expect mbed.org to be unavailable for one hour. After that, the site will be available but in a read-only mode, while user accounts will be re-enabled one by one over the following hours.

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Dan introduces mbed Microcontroller Online Collaboration!

Dan introduces some of the new collaboration features we've been adding to enable you to collaborate on microcontroller programs and libraries across the world!

The system integrates full distributed version control (DVCS) based on mercurial within the online IDE, so you can fork, edit, publish and collaborate all online in a few clicks!

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Buy an mbed LPC11U24 and an NGX mX baseboard for 50% off!


The good people over at Avnet are making a one time offer, good to September 30th, while stocks last.

When you order an mbed NXP LPC11U24 and an NGX mX baseboard together you get 50% off! Both are usually $46.60, but you get them both for $46.60


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mbed text book now available

Finally, after months of hard work by Rob Touslon and Tim Wilmshurst, their textbook "Fast and effective embedded systems design - Applying the ARM mbed" is now available from amazon:

Just to prove it is real, here is a copy sitting on my desk!


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mbed, Windows 7 and USB cables

After various reports of Windows 7 machines hanging while copying files to the mbed Micrcontroller, we did some investigations to recreate the problem, and of course find a fix. Some of the support cases I'd handled suggested that the problem didn't appear on XP, and when it did appear on Window 7, replacing the cable fixed the problem. Could it really come down to the cable not being suitable for Window 7? Fact is often stranger than fiction.

The conclusion is that if you're experiencing this sort of issue, try using another cable. If you want to know why, read on...

USB Cable

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Collaboration update now live!

I am very happy to be able to report that the long awaited Collaboration update to mbed is now live. This update contains a huge number of changes to almost every part of the mbed experience. This is the first in a series of posts which will try and explain the new features and how you can make the most of them.


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