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mbed 2.0 - A sneak preview

Next week at Embedded World, we will be officially announcing "mbed 2.0". We'll be posting and announcing more next week, but one aspect is http://mbed.org has had a bit of a face lift; things like bringing the new QnA to the front, improved search and generally nicer layout.

The new site is now in public beta, so feel free to login and take a look, and of course, help us spot bugs!

Enable it by visiting:

Here is a little peek:


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mbed Interface v2.0 - CMSIS-DAP Debug - Now in Beta!

We are pleased to announce the beta version of the mbed Interface v2.0 firmware!


This beta firmware adds support for the new CMSIS-DAP USB debug connection. In addition to the drag n drop flash programming and the virtual serial port interface, you can use a CMSIS-DAP compliant offline toolchain to connect to your mbed to be able to develop and debug your programs!

Here are some more details...

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Vodafone USB Modem driver released!

We are pleased to announce the release of the VodafoneUSBModem mbed library, enabling you to connect your microcontroller to a mobile network using a cheap off-the-shelf USB 3G modem!


This extends the networking capabilities supported by the mbed NXP LPC1768 to cover the full range of ethernet, wifi and 3G, so mbed will be even better for rapid prototyping of M2M and IoT devices, however they want to connect to the internet!

Here are some more details of what it enables...

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Online Compiler adds Touch Support!

In the past couple of months we've been focused on making the Compiler faster, more reliable, while expanding its capabilities.
The online IDE already makes it easy to log in from any PC and carry on where you left off, but we've just pushed that portability one step further...


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Vodafone USB Modem : Release day approaching!

Since the public beta trial was announced back in May, we've been collaborating with the guys at Vodafone and a small group of mbed developers who were keen to experiment with this technology. After a busy time developing, testing and debugging the USB modem driver, we're almost ready to publish it.

The release is expected to happen at the end of October, and so now seems like a good time to start showing some of the things that have been happening, and the projects that have been built around the modem.


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Get your custom PCB made for free!

Over the last few weeks I have been responding to Robbie King's questions about reference design issues (See Patching functions and libraries and USB line termination in mbed LPC11U24). Robbie is turning his mbed NXP LPC11U24 design into a PCB level design, and so wanted to make sure he was building the right thing. It occurred to me that there are probably lots of other mbed users making custom PCBs to take their prototypes to the next level, but we don't often hear about it.

For custom PCB prototypes I have been using Seeedstudio Fusion PCB Service. The one shown here is an LPC11U24 breakout for testing the mass storage boot loader. At 5cm x 5cm, it only cost $9.90 for 10-off, and as I wasn't in a hurry (I have plenty other things to do here at mbed HQ!) the $3 delivery option was fine. The whole thing was $14 delivered.


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ERIC the robotic dog

If you missed Martin Smith's post in the forum about E.R.I.C the robot dog, you might just want to take a look at this:

It is an awesome project, not just because of the finished product, but because the wide range of skills showcased. These range from embedded software development and debug, to the very theoretical/mathematical pursuit of image processing algorithms, to the mechanical aspects of the design with the AX-12 servos, and of course CAD/CAM design, leading up to milling things out of aluminium!


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New Question and Answers area in beta

Asking other mbed users a question, answering those questions and being able to learn from previous questions should be getting easier. We've just released a beta of our new Question and Answer area.


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mbed application board - First preproduction boards

The first samples of the mbed Application Board are back from the manufacturers, L-TEK. There are a few minor tweeks to make before we press the "GO" button for full production, but the tests so far have worked great.


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mbed lab board coming soon - Samples up for grabs!

After a busy year at mbed HQ, I've picked up again on an earlier plan to make a lab board for the mbed NXP LPC1768. Read more about the original concept the blog post entitled On the mbed Whiteboard

Meanwhile, this is the before and after...


We're expecting this to retail at something around $50.

Write a driver, get one free!

The first samples are currently being manufactured so its time to have a little fun. We are offering 3 lab boards free in return for writing one of the 3 peripheral driver libraries required.

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